For my Diploma project, I experimented the relation between 3D and photography medium. “The avatars of video games function for me like doubles. They allow me to transcend my body as well as my identity and to project myself into the idealized universe of the virtual.”

Skin for two book

In order to elaborate a more personal fiction and to allow the spectator to immerse himself in it, I made images of places devoid of any human presence, with a hyper-coloured atmosphere, between artifice and realism. They are inspired by video games which, since the beginning of my artistic career, represent major visual references that I transpose here into the photographic medium.
I also appropriate the computer-generated images of these games (avatars, models, objects) and use the scanner to transform them (distortion, screen raster, absence of colours), or even deconstruct them, in order to express the idea of evanescence of the virtual.

Finally, my photographic self-portraits are mixed with female avatars to emphasize the ambiguous transition between the virtual envelopes in which I project myself and my flesh and blood body. Each of them corresponds to an identity reflection on the ideals of physical beauty constructed in these video game universes.The hybrid aesthetic that I construct, through self-portraits in brushed aluminium and completed with scanned and coloured images in a paper edition, allows me not only to be both spectator and actress of this virtual world, but also leads to a certain fascination and confusion, as I constantly question the limits of identity and the photographic medium.